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Online One Person Company Registration
One Person Company (OPC) can be formed with owner but having more than one director. It is Registered as per the Compliance and regulatory guidelines as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

How One Person Company get registered at Real Tax ?


Why One Person Company?

  • Good Refinement over the Sole Proprietorship.
  • Easy access of funding and Tax Benefits.
  • Full authority over the company by single promoter.
  • Personal assets of the director are protected.
  • Separate legal entity with perpetual succession.
  • Greater Auditability among vendors & handing institution.
  • Better Transparency as books audited annually.


What are the basic requirement for One Person Company (OPC) registration?

  • Only Indian citizen and resident of India incorporates OPC.
  • Legal entities like company or LLP can’t incorporate OPC.
  • Minimum authorized capital is Rs. 1 Lacs.
  • Nominee must be appointed by the promoter during incorporation.
  • Financial Services Business can’t be incorporated as OPC.
  • One person can’t incorporate more than 1 OPC’s.


How to register One Person Company (OPC)?
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) governs the OPC registration process with the rules. systeregulation forms in accordance with in the laws:

  • Arrange basic documents of promoter and nominee.
  • Fill in an online form with accurate information.
  • Apply for Digital Signature and DIN of the promoter and nominee.
  • Prepare all legal documents.
  • Apply to name Availability of the proposed LLP.
  • Verifications of all documents and forms by the respective government dept. and authorities.
  • File incorporation docs with ROC.
  • Get OPC Incorporation Certificate, PAN, TAN, GST & Bank Account.


What are the document required for online registration?
Below mentioned the documents as prescribed by MCA for registering a One Person Company (OPC) in India are as follows:

To Be Given By One Person Company Director-

  • Scanned self-attested PAN Card.
  • Scanned Self-attested copy of Passport, Voter’s ID or Driver’s License.
  • Scanned Self-attested copy of Current Bank Account Statement/ Phone or Mobile Invoice/ Electricity or Gas Invoice.
  • Scanned passport-sized photo.
  • Specimen signature or impression (blank document with autograph).


Document Necessary for the Registered Office-

  • Scanned copy of Current Bank Account Statement/ Phone or Mobile Invoice/ Electricity or Gas Invoice.
  • Scanned copy of Rental Agreement written in English Language.
  • Scanned copy of No-Objection Certificate from the concerned property landowner (if the property is rented).
  • Scanned copy of  Property or Sale Deed printed in English (if the property is owned).
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