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Online Provident  Fund (PF) Registration

PF Registration is compulsory for employers having 20 or more employees. Provident fund is a social Security Scheme funded by employers and employees in India.



Why Provident Fund Registration?

  • The employers adds on equal amount which is inclusive of Employers Pension Scheme (EPS).
  • Helps the dependents of the employees by covering the financial risks they face in such situation.
  • PF account can be transferred while switching job.
  • Employee can makes claim in case of emergency.
  • Helpful for long term goals like buying a property for setting up fund for children.
  • Social Security Scheme that helps employees to save a small portion of their salary for future benefits.

What are the eligibility for EPF Registration?

Organizations have to fulfill the following conditions to registration were as follow  – 

  • A factory with the total employee strength of 20 or more.
  • An establishment that employs more than 20 persons. Here, the Central Governement Defines the Class of such firms.
  • An establishment that has less than 20 workers and has been notified of compulsory registration for not less than 2 months.
  • Companies with less than 20 employees (Note: Such companies must issue a notice to the employees’ Provident Fund Organization in 2 months or less than that).
  • The employer and employees of an establishment must mutually agree to apply for PF to the Central PF Commissioner. A notification has to be sent to the Official Gazette from the date of agreement. 


What is the Procedure for EPF registration for employers?

The Procedure for EPF Registration  were as follow:-

Provide your documents as given under. We will fulfill the formalities with PF department and will get you registration number with 7 days.

What are the documents required for EPF registration?

The documents are required for EPF Registration are given below

  • PAN Card of establishment
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Cross Cancelled Cheque of establishment.
  • Address Proof that is in the name of establishment. It can be:

a)    Rent Agreement.
b)    Water.
c)    Electricity.
d)    Telephone Bill

  • Specimen Signature of directors and authorized signatories.
  • Digital Signature of authorized applicant.
  • In case of voluntary registration, consent of the majority of the employees.


Why Real Tax?

Same as Pvt. Ltd. Company.



Online ESI Registration

ESI is applicable for employees earning less than 21000 per month. Easily obtained ESI registration and file ESI returns online through Real Tax ESI Advisor.




Why Employee State Insurance (ESI)?

  • Self financing Social Security Scheme.
  • Applicable for factories that employed 10 or more employees.
  • Any establishment or factory employing 10 or more persons drawing wages up to 21000 per month.
  • Full medical care is provided to all persons and their family members.
  • Cash compensation at the rate 70% of wages to insured workers as sickness benefit.
  • Marketing benefit is provided for 3 months.
  • Funeral Expenses of Rs. 1000 payable to dependents.
  • Unemployment Allowance equal to 50% of wages for maximum period up to 1 year.    


What are the the number of employees required for ESI registration?

The following categories of persons are to be counted in addition to directly employed were as follow:

  • Persons on the use of a factory, who are on leave with or without wages 
  • A substiture of badly workers employed for wages.
  • Directors who are on the pay roll of a company.
  • Persons having over 21000 per month as wages but not converable otherwise.
  • Persons employed by or through contractor and working under direct Supervision of the employee.


What are the document required for online ESI registration?
The employer has to submit the following documents along with the applications:

  • The Registration Certificate issued by Shop & Establishment Act & Factories Act.
  • Rent Receipt of occupied premises.
  • Copy of PAN Card.
  • Copy of Bank Statement.
  • Photocopy of last Building Tax/ Property Tax Receipt.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association or Partnership Deed or Trust Deed.
  • Photocopy of Registration.
  • Certificate of Commencement of Production.


What are the criteria for filing returns after ESI Registration are finalized?

ESI returns are mandatory to be filed along with following documents:

  • Register of Attendance of Employees.
  • Register of wages.
  • Form -6 Register.
  • Monthly returns and respective challans.
  • Registration of any accidents takes place with the industrial or building premises.
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