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Secretarial Compliances

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A periodic secretarial audit helps companies maintain compliances with the corporate and other relevant laws.

How Secretarial Audit works at Real Tax ?

Why Secretarial Audits?

  • It acts as an effective tool for corporate compliance management.
  • It benefits in detecting the non compliance and to take the respective measures.
  • It helps in spreading a level of confidence to the directors and key management personal.
  • It helps in reduce the work of law enforcement authorities.
  • Productive governance and compliance risk management tool.
  • Right path to investors by showcasing your legal records.
  • fees & Remuneration detail paid to directors. 


To which companies, Secretarial Audit is applicable.
Type of companies for which Secretarial Audit is applicable are listed below:

  • Listed  Company.
  • Unlisted Public Company having paid up capital ≥ 50 Crores.
  • Unlisted Public Company having paid up capital ≥ 250 Crores.


What are the services provided under Secretarial Audit?

The Services Provided under Secretarial Audit are given below:

  • To check report on compliances.
  • To protect the interest of employees, customers and society etc.
  • To avoid any unnecessary legal actions by the law enforcement agencies.
  • Inadequate compliances and non-compliances.
  • The procedural and legal requirements are suitably complied.

What are the documents required for Secretarial Audits?
The documents required for secretarial Audits were given below:

  • Charter Documents.
  • Last year secretarial audit report. 
  • Statutory Registers.
  • Bond & General Meeting Minutes and Notices.
  • Audited Financial Statement.
  • Fillings and Intimations with RoCs, Stock Exchanges, Newspaper Advt.
  • Annual performance reports, Lease Deed, LUT cum Bond, ------- return.
  • Filing with RBI.
  • ECB returns.
  • Registers maintained under Labour Laws.
  • Disclosures and declaration for code of conduct received from directors.
  • Sitting fees and Remuneration details paid to directors.
  • Proof of spending CSR amount.
  • SAST disclosures.
  • Bank Account details for dividend.
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