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PAN Application Form 49AA

What is Form 49AA?
Foreign residents and entities incorporated outside of India are also eligible for PAN. Form 49AA is the application form for the allotment of Permanent Account Number for Foreign residents and entities incorporated outside India. One can download the application form online from NSDL e-Governance official website or UTIITSL website. The applicant can submit the form once they have filled it with the correct details and attached the required documents along with the form.

Structure of Form 49AA
Form 49AA is divided into different sections with sub sections to make filling the form much easier for the applicant. The form has designated spaces for the applicant to affix their photographs on the top corners of the form. The form is divided into about 17 components, each with a different attribute.

Click here to download Form 49AA

Components of Form 49AA
Given below is a detailed explanation of all the components present on Form 49AA.
1. Assessing officer code- In this section, the applicant has to mention the details of the Assessing Officer code details such as the Area code of the accounts office, Accounts office type, Range code and Accounts office number
2. Full name- This is the part of the form where the individual mentions their marital status along with their first name, last name and their Sur name.
3. Abbreviation of the name- This is the part of the form where in the applicant has to abbreviate their name based on what they want to be displayed on the PAN card.
4. Other name- In here, the applicant has to mention the details of their other name if they were ever known by another name other than the name already mentioned.
5. Gender- The part of the form where in the applicant has to mention their gender.
6. Date of birth- In case of an individual applicant, the applicant has to mention their date of birth and in case of organisations, they have to mention the date of partnership/incorporation/Agreement or Trust deed.
7. Father’s name- The applicant has to mention the first name, last name and surname of their father in this part of the form. This is applicable only to individual applicants and even married women should fill in this part of the form.
8. Address- The applicant needs to enter the details of their residence address and office address in this part of the form. The applicant needs to be careful while filling in the address and should give the correct details.
9. Address of communication- The applicant has to choose the address at which they would like to be contacted at.
10. Telephone number and email id- The applicant has to mention their Country code, State code and telephone/mobile number for communication purposes.
11. Status of applicant- In here, the applicant has to mention if they are an individual, a HUF member, Company, Partnership firm, etc.
12. Registration number- The registration number indicates the registration number for company, firms, LLPs, etc.
13. Citizenship- The applicant has to mention the country of their citizenship and ISD code of country of citizenship in this part of the form.
14. Representative of the applicant in India- In here, the applicant should mention details of the representative or the agent including their address and full name.
15. Documents submitted- In this part of the form, the applicant needs to mention all the documents they have submitted with the form.
16. KYC details- This part of the form should be filled in by a Qualified Foreign Investor as prescribed by the regulations under SEBI. This will contain details such as the marital status, occupation details, citizenship status and more.


How to fill Form 49AA?
There are certain rule that an individual or an entity should follow when filling in Form 49AA. Though filing in a form might seem like an easy task, there are some rules that can lead to rejection of your application if ignored. Given below are some of the important rules to keep in mind while filling in Form 49AA.


  • Basic rules of filling Form 49AA- The applicant should fill in the form only in English and not any other language. The form should be filled in block letters and each box in the form can contain only one character. The applicant is also advised to use black ink to fill the form, it is better to use a ballpoint pens and avoid liquid ink pens as the latter might make the form look splotchy.
  • Thumb impression and signature on photographs- The applicant is required to provide signature or left hand thumb impression on the photograph attached to the left top corner of the form. The applicant should sign or leave a thumb impression in such a manner that it can be seen on the photograph as well as the form.
  • AO code details- The AO Code details such as Area Code, AO Type, Range Code and AO number should be filled by only the applicant and the applicant can avail the details can be availed from the Income Tax office or from one of the PAN centres.
  • Accuracy of the information provided- It is important to provide accurate details while filling the form. Providing the wrong or incorrect details can create a lot of complications including rejection of the application for PAN.
  • Contact details- The applicant has to provide the ISD code for their phone number since they reside outside India. It is also important that they provide the country name along with the Zip code for the country.


Where can I submit my online printed PAN card form?
Applicants can submit their filled up forms along with the copies of required documents at the NSDL office or at the UTIITSL office. To submit at NSDL office, the application needs to be sent at -

Income Tax PAN Services Unit,
NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
5th Floor, Mantri Sterling,
Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8,
Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,
Pune – 411 016

If the applicant has applied for the Permanent Account Number from UTIITSL, the application form along with the relevant documents can be submitted at any of the addresses mentioned below:
PAN PDC Incharge – Mumbai region

  • UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited, Plot No. 3, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614

PAN PDC Incharge – Kolkata region

  • UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited, 29, N. S. Road, Ground Floor, Opp. Gilander House and Standard Chartered Bank, Kolkata – 700001

PAN PDC Incharge – Chennai region

  • UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited, D- 1, First Floor, Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai – 600032

PAN PDC Incharge - New Delhi region

  • UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited, 1/28 Sunlight Building, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi - 110002

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FAQs on Form 49AA

What is a Form 49AA used for?
Foreign residents living outside of India who want to apply for a PAN in the country will have to fill in a Form 49AA to do so.

Can I fill up a Form 49AA in my regional/native language?
No, you cannot. A Form 49AA should be filled up in English only. The form must be filled up in block letters while leaving an empty box in between words that require a space.

Is it necessary to provide all of my contact numbers?
Yes. This will help provide more channels of communication if there is any extra information required from your end.

How can I apply for a PAN Card?
You can use Form 49AA/49A which are legal forms required when applying for a Permanent Account Number.

What are the documents that I need to submit when applying for a PAN using a Form 49AA?
You will have to submit documents pertaining to Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA).

Documents for Proof of Identity:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Arm’s licence
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Any photo identity card issued by a government body
  • Pensioner card with photograph of the applicant
  • Bank certificate

Documents for Proof of Address:

  • Electricity bill
  • Landline bill
  • Broadband connection bill
  • Water bill
  • Consumer gas connection
  • Bank account statement
  • Depository account statement
  • Post office passbook
  • Passport of the spouse
  • Passport
  • A domicile certificate that is issued by the government
  • Aadhaar card
  • Employer certificate

What are the various payment channels that are available for making a payment for your PAN?
An applicant can make a payment either by using a demand draft, credit card, debit card or even net banking.

In the case of disability, can I use my left thumb for signing a PAN application form?
Yes, you can use your left thumb impression for signing a PAN application form. As per the guidelines released by NSDL, irrespective of disability or not applicants are required to provide their left thumb impression or provide their signature in the application form that is required to be submitted for availing a Permanent Account Number (PAN) or to carry out changes/correction in the existing card issued by the Income Tax Department of the country.

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