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Person earning income from Salary or Professionals such as Chartered Accountant Company Sectaries, Lawyers is required to pay Professional Tax.


How Professional Tax Registration works at Real Tax ?

Why Professional Tax Registration?  

  • Safeguard from Paying Penalties.
  • Burden on Tax Payers is nominal.
  • Helps you in keeping your company actively running and legally compliant with state laws.
  • Easy to comply, it would not difficult to follow. 
  • Deduction can be claimed in the Salary on the basis of Professional Tax Paid.
  • Professional Tax is Judicial requirement as per law and regulations.


What are the Documents required for Professional Tax Registration?

Below mentioned documents required for Professional Tax Registration were as follows:

  • Certificate of Incorporation, including MOA & AOA/LLP Agreement.
  • PAN card of the Company/LLP which is attested by the Company Director.
  • Place of the business proof along with a NOC from the owner of the premises.
  • Bank Account of the company including bank statement and cancelled cheque.
  • Passport size photographs, address and identity proof from all the directors.
  • Board resolution or in other words, the statement of consent by the partners.
  • Shop and establishment Certificate.
  • Salary register and attendance register.


What are the process for Professional Tax Registration?

Below mentioned the process of online Professional Tax Registration:

  • Registration required for consultation.
  • Collection of Basic Information.
  • Provide required documents.
  • Preparation of registration application.
  • Application for Professional Tax Registration.
  • Processing by Government Department.
  • Professional Tax Registration Certificate.
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