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PF/ESI Return Filings

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PF/ESI return must be filed every month by employers having registration.

How PF/ESI Return works at Real Tax ?


Why PF/ESI Return Filing?

  • Social Security System for the purpose of encouraging saving.
  • During the course of retirement, benefitted them.
  • Contribution by the employer and employee on monthly basis.
  • All employers having PF Registration are responsible to file return on monthly basis.
  • Completed by the 25th of each month.


What are the due date for ESI and PF Return filing?

Due Date for ESI:

  • Payment: 15th of every month.
  • Returns: May 11th and November 11th.

Due Date for PF: 

  • Payment: 15th of every month.
  • Returns: May 25th of every month.


What is the criteria for filling of PF/ESI return?
ESI returns are to be mandatorily filed bi-annually along with the following documents:

  • Register of attendance of employees.
  • Register of Wages.
  • Form-6 Register.
  • Monthly returns and respective challans.
  • Registration of any accident takes place within the industrial or business premises.
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